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New Single!!!

Live From Dharma Farm, Buttercorn, 3/4/24

We are excited to release Buttercorn, the song that has garnered close to 2 million views on TikTok and put us on the map across the US.  

To do it right we went back to the source, and live recorded at the same venue, Dharma Farm, but this time with Violet Record bringing out all the fancy equipment to get the best recording we could hope for.   We recorded everything live, so every take was different which is how we like it.  We hope you like the one we picked for you, please share like an old bootleg passed on in the lot, it's only because of you that any of this is possible. 


We know we can be hermit-like, tinkering away in our basement studio, endlessly jamming and noodling. But we also love playing our boundless style of live performances, improving, and riffing off a look or a feel, reading the energy of the crowd mixed with the energy of the band, producing something honest and fresh every time.  We'll be adding dates more as we come out of hibernation, so check back often for more dates. In the meantime plan a road trip and come see us at one of the special venues we uniquely picked for you. 

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Updated Viral Count 

Quick update! TikTok views are nearing 2 million on our viral teaser of Buttercorn, now available on all streaming platforms. Plus, as of this post, we're up to nearly 30,000 followers! Thank you for your support; we are immensely grateful to embark on this journey with such a down-to-earth and supportive group of friends and fans. We're discovering what we can accomplish together. Let's spread the music and keep the momentum going for as long as we can!  


Stay in the sun!

Sun Jr.'s TikTok Triumph: A Million Thanks to You! 

Hey Sun Jr. Fam,

Exciting news! One of our TikTok videos just hit the 1 million views milestone, and we're feeling the love. Big shoutout to the 20,000 new followers and 78,000 likes – you guys rock!

But that's not all. The TikTok buzz has a ripple effect, and we're stoked to see new listeners flocking to our tunes on Shopify. Instagram and are also getting some extra love from you awesome folks.

Seriously, a massive thanks for the support. Your likes, shares, and comments mean the world to us. It's inspiring to know our music is finding its way to more ears, and we're pumped to keep the vibes going.

As we ride this wave, we just want to say a heartfelt thanks. Stay tuned for more jams, and let's keep the good vibes rollin'!


Sun Jr.

Harmonizing Life's Rhythms: A Time to Play Live and A Time to Play In 

Hey Sun Jr. fam,

As the seasons change and the world around us transitions through the vibrant tapestry of nature, so does the rhythm of Sun Jr. Every year, we find ourselves cocooning, creating, and playing live in a rhythmic dance that mirrors the ebb and flow of our lives. It's not just about the music; it's about the connections we build, the families we nurture, and the communities we cherish.

The Cocooning Phase: Crafting Our Sonic Haven

As winter blankets the world in quiet stillness, we, too, wrap ourselves in a creative cocoon. This is our time for introspection, for delving deep into our musical souls and exploring new sounds. The cold weather outside contrasts with the warmth of our shared creative space. We huddle together, sharing ideas, experimenting with melodies, and crafting the sonic landscapes that will define the next chapter of Sun Jr.

The Spring Unveiling: Bursting Forth with New Creations

As the days lengthen and the first buds of spring emerge, so do the fruits of our winter cocooning. The studio doors swing open, and we unveil the musical metamorphosis that took place during the colder months. New songs, fresh sounds, and reinvigorated energy burst forth like blossoms in bloom. It's an exciting time, and we can't wait to share our creations with you.

Summer's Crescendo: Taking Our Sound to the Streets

With the warmth of summer comes the crescendo of live performances. We take to the streets, stages, and festivals, bringing our music to life in front of the most important audience—our fans. The energy is palpable, and the connection with our audience is electric. Summer is our time to share the Sun Jr. experience with the world, and we relish every moment of it.

Autumn's Reflection: Balancing Life's Melodies

As the days shorten and the leaves fall, we transition into a reflective phase. It's a time to balance the demands of our musical journey with the commitments we hold dear—family, relationships, and community. We acknowledge that our lives extend beyond the stage, and we strive to harmonize the melodies of Sun Jr. with the harmonies of our personal lives.

Our Annual Rhythms: A Symphony of Life

Our annual rhythms aren't just dictated by the changing seasons; they're a reflection of our commitment to creating music that resonates with the heartbeat of life. It's about recognizing that our passion for music is intertwined with our roles as partners, parents, and active members of our communities.

So here's to another year of harmonizing the melodies of Sun Jr. with the symphony of life. Thank you for being part of this journey with us. Let's keep the music alive, together.

Till next time…

Enjoy the sun, 

Sun Jr. 

Full Frontal Recordings 

Since 2014, the five of us have been recording our jams and rehearsals almost every week.  We've used the recordings as a scratch pad for songwriting and a means to "rehearse" by listening. A while back we decided to just post the recordings we liked, as a way of exposing ourselves for who we are when the show's not on. We'll post them and take them down. You'll hear us tripping over a part we're working out, creating in the moment, or band banter making fun of the strange guttural tremor of the drummer's voice, but we hope overall you'll hear a band being authentically itself before all the recording tricks are applied, because at our best we're a jam band. 

Spotify's Discography for your listening inquistion:



  • Open Drain - 2018 - 3 song Mini-EP recorded at the equipment testing studio at Grace Designs, Lyons, CO - never mastered - Isolation was used on Premier Membership Credit Union commercials produced and edited in 2019 by 11DollarBill


  • Bag of Bones - 2019 - Bag of Bones - self recorded single in sun jr.'s rehearsal space, The Bottoms, Boulder, CO - never mastered


  • Cycle - 2019 - Cycle - self recorded single in sun jr.'s rehearsal space, The Bottoms, Boulder, CO - never mastered - Cycle was used on Premier Membership Credit Union commercials produced and edited in 2019 by 11Dollar Bill 


  • Singles - 2021 - 2 song release - self recorded single in sun jr.'s rehearsal space, The Bottoms, Boulder, CO - never mastered


  • Deep Stretches - 2021 - Rehearsal jams from 2018-2021 recorded in sun jr.'s rehearsal space, The Bottoms, Boulder, CO - never mastered




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